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Support History

Number Date of conference Name of conference Presentation Title
1 2018.04.12 ~ 04.14 Spring Immune Society conferebce Annexin V : multi-functional anti-cancer immunotherapeutic protein in tumor microenvironment
2 2018.04.14 ~ 04.18 American Association for Cancer Research Selective delivery of tumor-specific antigen to dendritic cells by mannose-labeled PLGA nanoparticles to induce immune response for cancer immunotherapy
3 2018.06.20 ~ 06.23 International Society for Stem Cell Research 2018 Neural stem cell specific mictorna as critical player in stemness indentified by genome-wide-screening
4 2018.07.08 ~ 07.12 American Association Clinical Anatomists 2018 Dynamic alteration of imprinted genes during neural differentiation of human parthenogenetic pluripotent stem cells
5 2018.08.16 ~ 08.17 KSSCR 2018 Annual meeting Ligamentous structure in human glans penis: a homologue of the baculum?
6 2018.08.20 2nd Lecture on Advanced Research Techniques Basics of Bio-Big Data Utilization Research for Life Science Researchers

  • Graduate Support : 2016year 21 time, 2017year 35 time