BK21 Supports Program

Research Meeting

Number Date Advisor subject
1 2018.05.30 Kim Kyun Hwan A mouse model for HBV immunotolerance and immunotherapy, Type III interferon-induced CBFβ inhibits HBV replication by hijacking HBx, 2 others
2 2018.06.22 Bae Young Min Identification of live cell protein using Ouantm dot, characteristic of MCC-13 cell piezo ion channel , 4 others
3 2018.08.13 Kim Kyun Hwan Flap endonuclease 1 is involved in cccDNA formation in the hepatitis B virus, HBx relieves chromatin-mediated transcriptional repression of hepatitis B viral cccDNA involving SETDB1 histone methyltransferase

  • Research Meeting : 2016year 4 time, 2017year 9 time

  • Internship Program

    Date Subject Advisor Participating
    2018.07.02 ~ 07.27 2018 KU Summer Internship Program Han Dong Wook 4 people
    2018.06.18 ~ 07.27 Internship program for Physiology Bae Young Min 1 people

  • Internship Program 2016year 2 time, 2017year 2 time

  • Mentoring Program

    Number Date Mentor Subject Participating
    1 2018.05.25 Prof. Park Young Min, Choi Wan Soo, Jung In Duk, Kang Tea Heung, Han Hee Dong, Kim Hyuk Soon Graduate School Life and Career 19 people
    2 2018.06.20 Peter Soengwon Hong ph.D Overseas Jobs and Prospects 3 people
    3 2018.07.27 Prof. Yoo Jung Soo Efficient research method 4 people
    4 2018.08.22 CHAN Yun Shen Winston ph.D Organoid Studies and Prospects 7 people
    5 2018.08.31 Prof. Yoo Jung Soo Korea-foreign graduate students Mentoring 6 people

  • Mentoring Program : 2016year 6 time, 2017year 8 time

  • Webinar

    Number Date Name of Webinar Advisor
    1 2018.07.06 Personalizing the Care of Pancreatic Cancer Patients to Chemotherapy with Organoids Han Dong Wook
    2 2018.07.31 How to use English words and notes when writing papers Shin Chan Young

  • Webinar : 2016year 3 time, 2017 year 5 time

  • Workshop

    Number Date Name of Workshop Invited speaker Attendance
    1 2018.01.31 Future Trends and Prospect Work of Research on Brain Fusion Precision Medicine in the 4th Industrial Revolution Jung Won Seon(OBE Lab), Ahn Tae Jin(Handong University), Kang Kyung Sook(MediKinetics), Kim Kwang Pyo(Kyunghee University), Ahn Tae Jin(Handong University) 28 people
    2 2018.04.25 BK21 & Graduate School of Medicine Development Workshop KU Medical Graduate School Steering Committee 22 people
    3 2018.08.10 Organogen application workshop for precise medical approach to brain developmental disorders Yoo Hee Kyung(Seoul National University) 22 people

  • Workshop : 2016year 4 time, 2017year 4 time