Research Vision and Objectives

Business group research vision

Stem cell and new medicine development intermediary study centered graduate school that possesses global competitiveness

Business group research 3 missions

  1. Characterized intermediary study promotion through industrial-academic linkage with local industrial company
  2. Grow into the intermediary study hub of stem cell and new medication development research
  3. Grow into Korea’s top 5 research development centered university

Short-term aim

  • Constructing global leveled creative industrial-academic linkage education process infrastructure
  • Strengthen joint linkage with companies that leads Korea’s stem cell and new medication development field
  • Constructing stem cell and new medication development intermediary study infrastructure

Mid-term aim

  • Producing company customized type creative personnel that has been characterized to intermediary study
  • Industrial-academic cooperation strengthening through intermediary study activation
  • Construction of study centered graduate school base through creative education process and research environment improvement

Long-term aim

  • Develop into hub of Korea and overseas intermediary study
  • Develop in to world leveled study oriented graduate school