We are Needs-Oriented Graduate Program for Translational Medical Scientists.

We are living in a period where we worry about whole nation’s aging. Compare to before, it certainly is a thing to be blessed that our lifespan increases, but to just live long without accompanying the economical ability is a big burden for not only the self but also as a whole of our society. Healthy longevity that accompanies economic activity ability can be said as blessed life of sincere meaning. The reason that health and life health care and bio-industry is being focused as the economic growth power of the future is in context with these.

Our business group has a significant goal called core personnel training that will carry the future economic growth. The demand centered medical intermediarist that will be released from our business group will grow into a global talent who respects the value of all lives and that provides economic growth power of the future.

Please wait and see the growth of our business group, and I ask you for a lot of help and generous advice.

Thank you.

The head of business group Yoo Jae-Ran